Visit MOCA’s Street Art Exhibit in 5 Minutes

THE EXHIBITIONIST, directed by Mark Osborne and Kent Osborne

洛杉矶当代艺术博物馆MOCA的【街头艺术展览会】自4月开展至今,仅剩一周时间,要如何在5分钟内速览此艺术展呢?且让《Kung Fu Panda》导演 Mark Osborne 与其弟弟 Kent Osborne 趣智授计,看一看他们合制Kent 兼演的商业宣传短片《The Exhibitionist》吧。而值得一提的是,Mark Osborne 于12年前有幸成为首部奥斯卡入围 IMAX 动画的短篇定格动画佳作《More》,终在 iTunes 提供高清下载珍藏;随博分享这部讲述一位化悲愤为力量的发明家,纵使改变了世人视野,无奈却迷失了原心的完整短片,以及揭露此作灵感源头的幕后视频。

MORE, directed by Mark Osborne

MORE tells the story of an inventor who lives in a drab, colorless world.Day by day, he toils away in a harsh, dehumanizing job, his only savior being the memories of the bliss of childhood. But at night, he works secretly on an invention that could help him relive those memories and spread their joy to everyone in his despair-filled life. When he finishes his invention, it changes the way people look at the world. But his success changes him, for with it, he loses an important part of himself. The futuristic short film was nominated for an Academy Award and won Best Short Film at the Sundance Film Festival in 1999.