Go Green: A Love Story… In Milk + Meltdown

A Love Story… In Milk by Catsnake MELTDOWN by Dave Green

病入膏肓的【地球】持续在呼救,分享两支不约而同以【垃圾】为主角的短片,分别是公益小品《A Love Story… In Milk》,以及引人发噱的《Meltdown》。善待万物,刻不容缓啊。

The path of true love never did run smooth...
especially if you’re a milk bottle.

Made by Catsnake on commission from Friends of the Earth.
Written and produced by Stephen Follows.
Directed and edited by Danann Breathnach.

Last night’s leftovers are presented with a cold reality.

Starring David Cross as Ham Sandwich, directed by Dave Green.
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