Cannes 2011: 7th NFB Short film Online Contest

7th NFB Short film Online Contest

《第64届康城影展》64th Cannes Film Festival将于法国时间下周三掀开序幕,其年度周边竞赛项目 ——《第7届 NFB 在线短片奖》7th NFB Short film Online Contest的【在线公投竞逐】活动也已正式展开,完全依据网民的喜爱指数作最终定夺;【前年】的得奖作品《Sebastian’s Voodoo》是我的 all-time favourite ,而【去年】胜出的亦为动画作品《Crash! Bang! Wallow?》,至于今年的赢家,则将在以下10部入围作品中产生。

A BEAR’S LIFE by Daniel S. Ferraz
A decidedly unusual couple try to salvage their relationship by visiting a therapist. But some problems remain well beyond the reach of counselling, especially when they involve differences so immense that they prompt open gawking in the supermarket aisle. This comedic short tells the tale of a love that struggles to overcome a seemingly insurmountable obstacle.

ART DEPOT by Sebastian Piras
Max, a young artist, faces the puzzling complexities of the insular New York art world. After an encounter with an art dealer and his beautiful daughter, Max’s already confused life seems to become unmanageable in the span of just a few days—or is this all just happening inside his head?

BLACKCHAPEL by Pierre Fernandez
The murders of a series of prostitutes are spreading terror in the neighbourhood of Blackchapel! While Scotland Black’s investigation flounders, Jack the Ripper’s violent justice rules the streets... and Sherlock Holmes and Watson are called in to investigate.

CHOKE by Michelle Latimer
When Jimmy leaves his Fist Nation’s reservation, drawn by the lures of city life, he finds himself confronting a world he could never have imagined. In his encounters with the city’s lost souls, he is reminded that no matter how far you travel, you cannot escape who you are. Inspired by the life of the late, teenaged artist Kyle Morrisseau, Choke uses stop-motion animation to explore themes of urban isolation and the individual search for identity in modern society.

CLOCHETTE’S VIOLENCE by Yannick Bandali-Renard
A day in the life of Alexis, a young man caught up in a life of violence and frustration but who is trying to find a way to survive and live up to his responsibilities. A portrait of lost youth on the slippery slope to perdition.

I AM LONELY by Phil Haine and Jonathan Brown
I Am Lonely is about learning to live with yourself—a necessity for anyone, and especially the last man alive. But what if the last man alive isn’t Will Smith but just a guy named Chris, a bit of a loser who has no idea how to cope? And what would you say to your best friend if he only had moments to live before becoming one of the undead? Written by Jonathan Brown (adapted from his Tin Can Podcast series) and directed by Phil Haine (Stalker, 2010 Raindance Film Festival).

KLÁS by Ragnar Snorrason
Klaus wanders into an apartment complex dressed as Santa Claus, fully intending to jump off a balcony. But he wasn’t counting on meeting a young girl who still happens to believe in Saint Nick . . . Klás poses the question: Can innocence save a lost soul?

MOKHTAR by Halima Ouardiri
Based on a true story, Mokhtar recounts the tale of a young boy who lives with his family of goatherds in a remote Moroccan village. One day, the boy finds a fallen owl and decides to keep it, despite the fact that the owl is considered a bad omen. Mokhtar’s new pet becomes a symbol of rebellion against his family and an icon of his fledgling independence. Notions of kinship, religion and spirituality are all confronted in Mokhtar, a film that celebrates both inner and outer strength.

SUGAR by Jeroen Annokkée
Bert’s scantily dressed neighbour downstairs, Klaasje, comes by to borrow a cup of sugar, the old clichéd situation with a quite possibly sexual outcome. When she lets the cup slip from her hands and they both try to catch it, destiny strikes.

WHERE WERE YOU? by Victor Lindgren
This poetic coming of age film explores that difficult phase in life when we must forge our identity, doing our best to fit in while still trying to be true to ourselves. This is the second film by Victor Lindgren, whose first short Class Mates was well received by both critics and audiences, winning awards at several international film festivals.


and the WINNER is...

【23/5 更新】:随着《第64届康城影展》曲终人散,以上视频也已全数下线,仅剩以下胜出的短片《I Am Lonely》继续让网友公赏。