31 Movie Fan Art: TRON Series and Others

Games, by Christopher Conner Where the Wild Things Are, by Mary Martinez The Fall, by Mark Welser End of Line Club, by Clarence JF Chen Vertigo, by cipgraph

分享31款近日在线搜集的【粉丝制造】,当中以红火延烧的《Tron: Legacy》占多数,而余的简约绘作则以经典旧作居多,较近期的除了我年内曾撰影话的《Where the Wild Things Are》及《Devil》,还有 George Clooney 化身【蝴蝶先生】的杀手影片《The American》、【冲奥】失利的歌舞片《Dreamgirls》、Tim Burton 的木偶动画片《Corpse Bride 》等;而唯一一款插画式绘图,则是 Javier Bardem 成就生涯经典惊栗角色的奥斯卡最佳影片《No Country for Old Men》;至于奇幻瑰丽的《The Fall》则是我博上神隐肖像的源头。

Tron Legacy, by Clarence JF Chen Flynn’s Arcade, by Clarence JF Chen
Game Arena, by Clarence JF Chen The Grid, by Clarence JF Chen
Outlands, by Clarence JF Chen End of Line Club, by Clarence JF Chen
Solar Sailer, by Clarence JF Chen Sea of Simulation, by Clarence JF Chen

Pulp Fiction, by Oscar Delgado The Big Lebowski, by Oscar Delgado
Sleepers, by Oscar Delgado Seven, by Oscar Delgado Psycho, by Oscar Delgado

Games (inspired by Tron Legacy), by Christopher Conner
Mr Butterfly (inspired by The American), by Christopher Conner Devil, by Christopher Conner

Duel Dr. Strangelove
Apocalypse Now by Matthew Dupuis The Jerk by Matthew Dupuis

Tron, by Damaged666 Welcome back Tron, by Joerg Litschko
The Fall, by Mark Welser Reservoir Dogs, by Mark Welser
Corpse Bride, by Guyom Vertigo, by cipgraph
Where the Wild Things Are, by Mary Martinez Dreamgirls, by Mary Martinez
MULHOLLAND DRIVE Jaws, by Sam Markiewicz

No Country for Old Men