83rd Oscar: Animated Short Film - 33 Qualified Contender (22 Trailers/Clips + 10 Full Videos)

The Mouse That Soared Day & Night “Urs” Tick Tock Tale The Lost Thing The Wonder Hospital Divers in the Rain
The Gruffalo A Family Portrait Angry Man (Sinna Mann) Barking Island (Chienne D’Histoire) Animated History of Poland Danny Boy The Incident At Tower 37
The Silence Beneath the Bark (Le Silence Sous L’ecorce) Zero The Krill Is Gone Sensology Madagascar, A Journey Diary The Cow Who Wanted To Be A Hamburger
My Name is Maria Lipsett Diaries Skylight Loom Stanley Pickle Coyote Falls
The American Dream Dust Kid Let’s Pollute To Swallow A Toad The Origin of Creatures

透过 Cartoon Brew 日前所作的独家报道,才发现原来未列席《第82届奥斯卡金像奖》最佳动画短片奖Best Animated Short最后十强】的德国作品《Urs》,实乃今届的【33部合格报名作品】之一;而在倒数期待美国电影艺术与科学学院AMPAS即将公布的【半决赛10强名单】之际,且来观赏其中10部竞选作品的完整短片,以及另外22部作品的预告片或片段,看看是否有你中意之选。力争出线的33部过关佳作中,首数皮克斯Pixar出品《Day & Night》最广为人知,而其他热门还包括了改编自华裔画家 Shaun Tan陈志勇 / 其父乃马来西亚华侨同名儿童书籍的《The Lost Thing》、迪士尼最新短篇作品《Tick Tock Tale》等。

Director: Joseph Pierce (Great Britain, 2010, 4 min)

A family portrait goes horribly wrong as jealousy and suspicion bubble to the surface under the photographer’s relentless gaze. As the session reaches a disturbing conclusion, it’s clear that this truly will be a day to remember.

ANGRY MAN” (Sinna Mann),
Director: Anita Killi (Norway, 2009, 20 min)

Many children don’t live safely in their own homes. These children are scared, feel forgotten and often blame themselves for the difficulties at home. In this film it is the father who beats mother. The boy Boj is the witness. To see somebody being mistreated can do much more harm than we know. Many of these children put the blame on themselves and feel a terrible responsibility for what is happening in the home. Many believe that this is only happening in their own family and doesn't dare to talk about it to anybody. It is a super secret. Many are often threatened to be killed if the secret slips out. In some cases it is that bad. The secrets must be known. All adults have to make sure that nobody is afraid at home.

Director: Tomasz Bagiński (Poland, 2010, 8 min)

Primeval forest stretching to the horizon. Among the trees, a small clearing, bathed in sunlight can be seen among the trees. A warrior carrying a spear enters the clearing and rams the spear into the ground in the center of the clearing. A hurricane-force wind gets up and in the place where the spear was rammed an early-medieval town rises …

The eight-minute long film presents the thousand-year long history of Poland: key events from its beginning to the access to European Union. The project was simultaneously produced in 2D and stereoscopic 3D versions.

BARKING ISLAND” (Chienne D’Histoire),
Director: Serge Avédikian (France, 2010, 15 min)

Constantinople 1910. Too many stray dogs in the streets. The government seeks, with European experts, how to get rid of them before deciding alone to deport 30,000 dogs on a deserted island off the city.

Director: Matthew O’Callaghan (United States, 2010, 3 min)

Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner burst from the screen with state-of-the-art CG animation, rendered in stereoscopic 3D, in three new Looney Tunes 3D theatrical cartoon shorts that introduce these beloved characters to a whole new generation of fans as the Coyote continues his epic quest to capture the Road Runner.

Director: Marek Skrobecki (Poland/Switzerland, 2010, 10 min)

“Danny Boy” is a story about human imperfection which can be euphemistically called “losing one’s head”. Someone who has “lost their head” is not completely aware of what they are doing. In this story almost everybody has lost their head, except for one single person – the title Danny Boy, who, being a misfit, feels strongly alienated from the headless society. The film deals with the problem of loneliness of an individual and poses a question if one should level down standards in the name of social adjustment.

Director: Teddy Newton (United States, 2010, 6 min)

When Day, a sunny fellow, encounters Night, a stranger of distinctly darker moods, sparks fly! Day and Night are frightened and suspicious of each other at first, and quickly get off on the wrong foot. But as they discover each other's unique qualities--and come to realize that each of them offers a different window onto the same world-the friendship helps both to gain a new perspective.

Director: Priit Pärn, Olga Pärn (Estonia, 2010, 23 min)

An amazingly absurd, poetic perspective on a quality of apathy witnessed in contemporary life. This tale challenges the ‘hero’ stereotype resulting in a film with beautiful graphics and constantly surprising real time animation.

DUST KID” (Munjiai),
Director: Yumi Jung (South Korea, 2009, 10 min)

Staying in bed till late on a cold winter’s afternoon, Eujin finds a small dust kid. She decides to do the cleaning she has been putting off for so long. Cleaning every corner of her room, she keeps finding other dust kids here and there, and starts clearing them up one by one. Just when she thinks she has cleaned her room and the dust kids are all gone now, she comes face to face with another one…

Director: Geefwee Boedoe (United States, 2010, 7 min)

In the spirit of 50’s & 60’s educational films, “Let’s Pollute” is a modern satire on how pollution is our heritage and keeps our economy growing strong, while instructing us how to be better polluters for a better blighted tomorrow.

Director: Theodore Ushev (Canada, 2010, 14 min)

The movie is a painful research into depression, psychosis, and how it gets into a suicide. It is about Lipsett, but aims to unveil the problem of “suicide” and “depression” in general and the young people’s occasional destroying desire to morbidly imitate their heroes and icons, who died young (like the suicides of Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain and Sarah Kane, just to name a few). It doesn’t make Lipsett a hero. It simply “deconstructs” the life of a talented, too early lionized young filmmaker and his last days.

Directors: Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck and Csaba Letayat (Germany, 2010, 5 min)

“Loom” tells the story of a successful catch. A moth being caught in a spiders web. Struggling for an escape, the moths panic movements only result in less chance of survival. What follows is the type of causality everyones expecting. The spider appears, claims its prey and feeds on it. The way nature works. But it’s the point of view that creates an intense relationship between the hunter and its victim. There is much more to explore, much more to feel if one takes the time to really experience the content of a split second.

MADAGASCAR, A JOURNEY DIARY” (Madagascar, carnet de voyage),
Director: Bastien Dubois (France, 2009, 11:30 min)

A stunning travelogue in which a traveler explores a foreign land and unexpected customs. Told through a variety of animation techniques, this film is a wonderful view into someone's travel scrapbook, and what he takes away with him.

Director: Michel Gagné (United States, 2010, 6 min)

Sensology is a short animated film by Michel Gagné that visualizes in abstract form, an improvised musical session by two leaders of the avant-guarde jazz movement, Paul Plimley (piano) and Barry Guy (bass). The music was recorded on November 9th, 1995, at the Western Front in Vancouver, Canada.

Director: David Baas (Canada, 2010, 5 min)

“Skylight” is a mock animated documentary about the ecological plight of penguins
in the Antarctic, possibly foretelling cataclysmic results for the rest of the world.

Director: Victoria Mather (United Kingdom, 2010, 11 min)

Stanley never goes outside. He likes to play with his clockwork toys and every night his mother kisses him goodnight. He is twenty. The trouble is that He thinks this is all quite normal, until an encounter with a mysterious girl turns his world upside down...

Directors: Tad Lumpkin, Harold Uhl (United States, 2010, 30 min)

The AMERICAN DREAM is a 30 minute animated film that shows the Americans how they’ve been scammed by the most basic elements of their government system. All of the Americans strive for the American Dream, and this film shows them why their dream is getting farther and farther away.

Director: Bill Plympton (United States, 2010, 6 min)

“The Cow Who Wanted To Be A Hamburger” is a children’s fable about the power of advertising, the meaning of life and ultimately the test of a mother's love.

Directors: Jakob Schuh, Max Lang (Great Britain, 2010, 27 min)

A 2009 television film that premiered on the BBC television network in the United Kingdom on 25 December. The thirty minute film, based on the best-selling children’s book of the same name by Julia Donaldson, features a voice cast including James Corden, Robbie Coltrane, Tom Wilkinson, John Hurt, and Rob Brydon, with Helena Bonham Carter narrating the story.

Director: Chris Perry (United States, 2010, 10 min)

Tower 37 siphons every drop of water from a once-pristine lake, that is, until the station’s steward realizes that it is slowly destroying an entire ecosystem. “The Incident at Tower 37” is a ten-minute HD animated film, written and directed by Chris Perry and produced within the collaborative animation curriculum at Hampshire College.

Director: Jeffery Bost (United States, 2010, 4 min)

Voiced by the incomparable Tom Kenny (Sponge Bob) with Jill Talley, “The Krill is Gone” brings comic awareness to the looming danger of man-made global warming on the fragile ecosystems deep within our oceans. As this ominous tale begins, our host -- the David Attenborough-like Plankton Emiliania Huxleyi -- introduces us to his undersea world just seconds before he is devoured by a ditsy Krill, who quickly sheds her shell in a successful maneuver to outwit a predator only to have trouble growing another. As the tour continues, Ms. Krill is breathless with excitement upon spotting a visiting celebrity, a tuna named ‘Al Ba Core’ (who looks and talks suspiciously like Al Gore). She also moans about a massive invasion of jellyfish, lured to the area by the acidic water (which they actually prefer). Unfortunately, our charming little krill is gobbled up by an audacious large fish, who wise cracks that she lacks "crunch" as he disappears into a fishing net...

Director: Elio Quiroga Rodríguez
Spain, 2009, 4 min

Maria is six-years-old, she is working on her first school composition. She has decided to write about her beautiful house and her happy family. But around her, everything soon starts falling apart.

Directors: Andrew Lehman, Shaun Tan (Australia, 2010, 15 min)

The Lost Thing is a fifteen-minute CG animated short with a tactile, painterly feel, is based on a children’s book by Shaun Tan. It won the top short film prize earlier this year at the Annecy International Animation Festival. Co-directed by Tan and Andrew Ruhemann, the film was produced by a micro-crew of four artists out of Passion Pictures Australia. The story follows a boy finds a strange creature on a beach, and decides to find a home for it in a world where everyone believes there are far more important things to pay attention to.

TICK TOCK TALE”, Director: Dean Wellins (United States, 2010, 6 min)

The latest Disney short, “Tick Tock Tale”, about a funny little clock is picked on by the more refined time keepers in a London store, only to find a chance at redemption when a thief breaks in one night. The whimsical CG short is directed by Dean Wellins (Rapunzel, Bolt, The Iron Giant) and produced by Dorothy McKim (Prep & Landing).

Director: Kyle T. Bell (United States, 2009, 5:45 min)

Step right up and behold the harrowing and hair-raising aerial adventures of a flying circus mouse! Witness the rise of our orphan foundling as he learns valuable lessons in life and flight from two well-intentioned adoptive songbirds! Fasten your safety belts as our little faux-feathered hero reflects on his unlikely beginnings on his flight path to becoming a coveted circus sensation! Come one, come all to this high-flying tale of overcoming adversity and beating near-impossible odds!

Director: Moritz Mayerhofer (Germany, 2009 10 min)

Many years Urs looked after his aging mother. But now he sets out for a dangerous journey: He carries her up a mountain to find a better place for both of them. But his mother doesn't want to leave her home... “URS” is a story about responsibility. How long can you bear an intolerable condition? Isn’t it good to try to change things? But what about others. Can you really decide what's the best for someone else?

Director: Jurgis Krasons (Latvia, 2010, 10 min)

Once some ‘round’ intellectuals and also ‘square’ pragmatic realists lived in a town. ‘Rounds’ were smart and successful. The reason of their success-they could swallow toads. But no toads were swallowed by ‘square’. They lived in peace until one day ‘square’ discovered that the ‘rounds’...

THE SILENCE BENEATH THE BARK” (Le Silence Sous L’ecorce),
Director: Joanna Lurie (France, 2009, 11 min)

A subtle tremor from a fallen tree rouses two curious subterranean creatures. Their delightful discovery of the painterly world above leads them to extraordinary encounters that are strange, bitter-sweet and wonderful.

Director: Beomsik Shimbe Shim (South Korea, 2010, 12 min)

“The Wonder Hospital”, a 3D and puppet animated film, is a surreal journey of oddity and empty illusion. In a mysterious hospital, modification of physical beauty is not what you would expect. A girl's desire for superficial beauty leads her to chase after the luring 'After' images on a path of advertisements throughout the hospital. But in the end she finds something unimaginable and irreversible.

Director: Chris Kezelos (Australia, 2010, 13 min)

“Zero” is a 12’32 stop motion animation by Australian husband and wife filmmaking duo, Christopher and Christine Kezelos. This dark fairytale takes place in a world where the inhabitants are born into a numerical class system. Faced with constant prejudice and persecution an oppressed zero walks a lonely path until a chance encounter changes his life forever: he meets a female zero. Together they prove that through determination, courage, and love, nothing can be truly something.
Zero employs innocently cute characterisation that directly contrasts the dark themes of racism and intolerance that underlies the story. It shows how love and the ability to see beauty in the darkest of places allows us to transcend our loneliness and despair and find an authentic connection to our world.

Director: Floris Kaayk (The Netherlands, 2010, 12 min)

The Origin of Creatures is inspired by the biblical story of the Tower of Babel and is set in an imaginary future where the world is hit by a catastrophe. Among the remains of a devastated city lives that what is left of humanity. Human bodies are divided into separated parts of the body and are fused to special beings. Together, these creatures form a colony. In the rubble of destroyed buildings they are trying to build a nest as large and as high as possible, so that their queen gets enough sunlight to reproduce.

Director: Don Hertzfeldt (United States, 2010, 5 min)

“Wisdom Teeth” is an unnecessary new five minute cartoon Don drew in 2009 in between more important things. It first appeared as a surprise conclusion to the last three Evening with Don Hertzfeldt programs in Ottawa + Montreal last October. In January it drunkenly revealed itself at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, punched a woman in the mouth, and ran off into the snow without pants. It next showed up at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, where it stumbled into the room cursing God with vodka on its breath. The short reportedly made a lewd gesture before disappearing again in a cloud of biting weasels.

Inherent Obligations

INHERENT OBLIGATIONS” (Kaasuündinud Kohustused),
Director: Rao Heidmets (Estonia, 2008, 10 min)

This film should represent the artistic approach to our nearest future. We can see the media playing an ever greater role in the arrangement of the social life. How do we get more precise survey results? How can large-scale companies respond to the requirements of a vast consumer base by changing themselves? The result of all this is a vulgar and rude ‘modern world’.