Part II: 10 Cool Art for Gallery1988 3G (Ghostbusters / Goonies / Gremlins) Show

3G Show by Gallery1988 + The Autumn Society Of Philadelphia


gallery 1988’s 3G show - Ghostbusters, by strongstuff Ghostbusters - Disaster of biblical proportions..., illustrated by Jorsh Pena
Goonies - Never say die! illustrated by Jorsh Pena Gremlins - The perfect holiday gift, illustrated by Jorsh Pena
Gremlins - They're watching Snow White. And they love it. illustrated by Dave Perillo Ghostbusters - A class-5 free roaming vapor, real nasty one too..., illustrated by Dave Perillo
One Eyed Willie from Goonies, illustrated by Mike Bukowski Ivo Shandor from Ghostbusters, illustrated by Mike Bukowski
Mr. Beringer from Gremlin, illustrated by Mike Bukowski
Billy and Gizmo