SKHIZEIN, by Jérémy Clapin


81届奥斯卡金像奖》把【最佳动画短片】一奖,颁给了每每【博上重看】都会触动我心弦的【日本制造】——《La Maison en Petits Cubes / House of Small Cubes》,而其余4部入围作品也都讨我欢心,当中包括我曾贴博分享的《This Way Up》及《Oktapodi》。

事隔逾3个月,才知晓日前透过电影网站【AltFG】一博【Student Academy Awards 2009 Finalists】所延伸搜寻,并在观赏后颇中意的【法国制造】——《Skhizein》,原来正是该奖的【入围遗珠】之一。

《Skhizein》的剧情乃讲述重达150吨的陨石砸向 Henry,让他与现实的一切产生了91厘米的距离,无论是开关门、搬动椅子、坐下、接电话、如厕等日常活动,乃至工作上的坐姿、打字等职务,都必须在91厘米以外进行,造成了心理及生理上的严重困扰;然而事实上,这一切都似是他心理探索的自我分离,俗称之精神分裂……


I haven't always been here.
I mean, before...

I was normal.

Before it happened,
I would have been there, on the couch,

not over here, in mid-air,
91 cm from the couch...

precisely 91 cm

from where I should be.

OK. Go on.

It's all because of that thing!

A 150-ton meteorite, for god's sake...

It's bound to leave a mark.

So, there was no actual damage
after all, is that right?

No damage? What do you mean?

Well, just the aerial
on the building opposite mine.

And me.

And me.

Hello, hel...?

91 centimetres...

I am exactly 91 centimetres from myself...

Now, it's just a question of organisation.

Got to be organised, that's all.

At home, I've just about
got things under control. It's OK.

It's not so bad.

But of course,

you can't foresee everything.

If this goes on,
I can say goodbye to my job.

I can't go on. Not like this.

Alright, next time
we'll come back to the asteroid.

Meteorite, not asteroid!
It's totally different!

It's not that hard to grasp,
an as... an as... an asteroid is when...

An asteroid is when the...

It's a whole different thing!

It was a meteorite that crashed into me,
nothing else!

And all I want is...
to get back to where I was.

And quite clearly,
you can't help me.

Yes Mother...

No, no, I can't hear you
very well either.

Listen, I've been thinking...

Perhaps it's not such a good idea
you coming to visit me now...

No, I didn't say
I wouldn't like to see you!

It's just that...
I've really got a lot on my plate...

I'm absolutely swamped...

Where do you think you're going?

I'm not going to let you slip away.

How are you feeling today?

What brings you here,
Mr. Debrus?

Ah, I see, yes, indeed...

So, there was no actual damage
after all, is that right?

How many centimetres did you say?

Alright, next time...

we'll come back to the asteroid...

Hello Henry?


I don't know what's got into you,

but I'm starting to worry.

Your Uncle John said
he passed you in the street

and you didn't even say hello!

He got you your job, you know...


They say it strikes
one person in a hundred.

One person, just like that...
at random.

That's all they told me.

They never tell you how crazy you are.

Just that you've lost it,
that you're beside yourself...

out of your mind.

So a little bit more,
a little bit less...

what's the point of knowing...

knowing how many centimetres
you've slipped...

The only thing I'm sure about now...

is that from where I'm standing,
it's not a bother anymore.

Not anymore...

I'm here!

I'm here!

Over here!

No, not there...

Over here!



I'm here!