Gay-ish Short Film “Hirsute” : Selves Confronted


一名同志A.J. Bond编导兼主演的【14分钟短片】,一人分饰二【己】,诠释一个关于【面对、组织多重自我】的省思作品Hirsute,引用【穿越時空】的题材,融入时代感,也营造引人入胜而至片末不寒而栗的氛围。


Q: Was there any specific reason you chose to make your film?
AJ: I've always been fascinated by the concept time travel in general and when I realized I was gay I couldn't help but wonder how my younger, more clueless self would react to this revelation and whether we would even get along at all. From there I began pondering the idea of time travel as an exploration of identity and change, the notion that there are multiple "selves" who make up the life of one person. I especially wanted to examine the potential for self-loathing and self-attraction between these different selves.

Q: What do you hope to convey through your film?
AJ: I think we take for granted that there is a continuity of personality throughout one's life, a static and true self. I suspect, however, that overtime people change more than they realize. I believe most people, if confronted with an objective view of their past, or even current self, would be surprised and dismayed by what they see. In this wayI think the film is a cautionary tale of sorts, suggesting that people need to accept the different aspects of their identity in order to be complete human beings.



延伸阅读:Interview with AJ Bond