Kate Winslet's Moment on【TIME】+ Meryl Streep's【Doubt】Powerful Scene

绝大部分人一提及 Kate Winslet ,总套以【搞沉铁达尼号的肥琦】或【逢戏必脱的女星】,然而她却一直对自己【凡人化】的身型变化,及对电影艺术所抱持的专业精神,深感自豪;也诚如 Meryl Streep 曾言道:“人不是完美的,有时候不完美更能让观众有同感。”

Time- March Issue Cover

今早看到不少网站转贴其素颜登上最新一期《时代周刊》Time的封面,简而点题的带出【Best Actress : Kate Winslet's Moment】的【冲】现象;而值得一提的是,清瘦了许多的她,在受访时竟撂下【拒绝再脱】的宣言;但另一边厢,网罗一众女星【裸迹】的【Mr. Skin】网站,却同时透过《10th Annual Anatomy Awards》颁予【终身成就奖】(Lifetime “Skinchievement” Award),【肯定】其为戏裸露的精神,极具嘲讽意味。

I think I won’t [get naked in a movie] again.
a) I can't keep getting away with it,
and b) I don't want to become ‘that actress who always gets her kit off.’


本届奥斯卡已经进入倒数阶段,我昨晚也观赏了一部【演员全攻略】的佳作《Doubt》,如料惊叹于【戏精】慑人的演出张力,但由于未看【大热】Kate Winslet 、【黑马】Anne Hathaway Melissa Leo 的【冲奥】作品,所以只能主观的【挺己所好】。


Actress in a leading role is being labelled as a heavyweight showdown between Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet. As much as I’d love to believe that I am sceptical and have held firmly to my belief that Mrs Winslet will win this Oscar. The evidence seems almost overwhelming: she does an accent; she ages; she plays an incredibly unsympathetic character and yet makes you sympathise; she is considered due; she leads a Best Picture nominee that defied expectations on nomination morning; she has Harvey Weinstein behind her; she gets naked. It’s all there! Not to mention that each time her name has appeared on a major industry awards ballot this season for this performance, she has won.

Yes Meryl is a legend. Yes she won the SAG (but Kate was in the supporting category there). Yes she is on a twelve nomination losing streak. Yes her SAG speech was infectious and adorable. But with ‘Revolutionary Road’ out there in the ether as well this just feels like Kate’s year. And sometimes that’s all it takes.

—————————— Daniel Kenealy for awardsdaily.com

随【博】分享一段《Doubt》里【最饱满】的演出片段 ——it's just til June.】,由 Meryl Streep 及【女配角黑马】Viola Davis7分钟短程内所诠释的一场【人性拔河】,缓急有致的演绪张力,凝住了寒意,惟热泪映出了母爱光辉,迫使偏执的灵魂陷入疑惑。

全片好戏连场,无论是 Meryl Streep 戏末的失守崩溃,或 VS. Philip Seymour Hoffman 仿似窗外风雨咆哮的角力战,或加上单纯善良 Amy Adams 疑惑遭利用的三角暗涌局面,都让我留下深刻印象。