81st Oscar makes Pinki Smile + 【Documentary 2008】Montage

Best Documentary Short - Smile Pinki @ 81st Oscar


如果说 Dustin Lance Black 为典礼致上【最动人心弦的谢辞】,那凭《Smile Pinki》勇夺【最佳纪录短片】一奖的导演 Megan Mylan ,其散发浓郁【人文魅力】的致谢辞,也令我留下深刻印象。

Wow! Oh, to be in a room with all this talent, lucky me, and to tell stories for a living, lucky me. And to have a family and friends who love me and my movies totally unconditionally. Documentary, like all filmmaking, is a complete team sport, and I'd like to thank my editor Purcell Carson, cinematographers Nick Doob and Jon Shenk, field producer Nandini Rajwade and from HBO Sheila Nevins and Lisa Heller. The same magic that happens in our film happens every day for children with clefts all around the world because of a terrific organization called ——The Smile Train. But most importantly for documentary filmmakers it's our subjects. The incredible Dr. Subodh and his team, Ghutaru Chauhan and our heroine Pinki Kumari. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me tell your inspiring story. What a gift. Thank you all so much.
Acceptance speech by Megan Mylan after winning “Best Documentary Short” for “Smile Pinki”.

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