Saturday, March 22, 2008

AI 7 : Amanda Overmyer の VERY ME

23岁的 “摇滚护士” Amanda Overmyer ,是第二位遭遇淘汰命运的 AI 7 Top 12 。我一直欣赏她在台上的 “very me ” ,表演时 “不温” ;听评时 “不火” ,非常清楚自己的定位,也非常坚守自我的方向。

“Yesterday wasn’t the most dramatic thing that’s happened in my life. You know, I just got voted off of a TV show ......

当被问及评审言论,她酷而 “有品” 的说:
“ When I was done singing , I was done singing . It’s just kind of like when those judges would give their comments I just wanted to be respectful and listen , but the comments weren’t going to sway me one way or the other as far as what I was going to do . The objective of being on this show was to go up there and show America me , perform like me , and look like me , and see how well it would take . The comments from the judges are based more on the idea of trying to win , and I just had a different agenda . ”

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P/S :
有不少 “毒舌派” 希望她可以撑到 “Mariah Carey Week ” ,反正就是等着看她如何 “摧毁” DIVA的歌咯 !!@_@!!

无论如何,“豚音天后” 当Mentor那周,将会是 “7人竞争;6强诞生” 的415/16(大马时间16/17)“天后发片日” ,我倒不觉得观众缘尔尔的 “老娘” 她,能够撑到那个阶段;但无疑的,10强巡演少了她,却又似是削弱了一定份量的爆点(且看重新吸纳归队的 “Wildcard 动作” ,是否真如传闻的 “in progress ” 咯!)。

而个人目前期望届时比拼的7强,则 “绝对依照当下喜好秩序排列” ^_^ ,分别是:Brooke WhiteJason Castro Ramiele MalubayDavid Archuleta Syesha Mercado Michael Johns Carly Smithson ;然后期待听到有人唱《Love Takes Time^_^