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故事教训我们,别让自己的处境太comfortable,民意的能量是无限可能的。Melinda成了“AI Most UNWATCHABLE season”的终极一“棋”,大概只能doesn't make sense的怪她衰在15周以来都“太expected的好”了!

昨晚“It's all about 3 ”的表现近乎完美(《I'm a Women有忘词,但我太投入所以察觉不到~~~~》),甚至已获Simon和Randy“背书”,但还是难敌got look got young energy got market的另二人。

P/S:对不起,我真的忍不住要“天啊!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”下去,而且要向今晚才在ASTRO Star World看Result Show,及拜五才会在8TV看到“演出&成绩综合秀”的人说:“Sorry啊,我除了一贯忍不住上网抢先看成绩,今天也终于忍不住在这里泄露成绩,如果你不小心酱来这里一游,而看到了“新鲜滚热辣的成绩”,并影响到你本来酝酿好的紧张情绪,我只好说声抱歉咯!”



Let The American Idol Melinda Doolittle
Conspiracy Theories Begin

Just when it looked like American Idol 6 was going to escape having a mind-numbing shocker of an elimination, Melinda Doolittle was sent home from the competition. In a season that has often been criticized for not measuring up to past seasons in overall talent, Melinda Doolittle was one of the bright shining lights. By some accounts, she was even the best overall singer ever on American Idol.

For someone of such talent not to make it to the finale can mean only one thing. There’s got to be an American Idol conspiracy here somewhere. Just like in previous seasons, outraged viewers are turning to the Internet in massive numbers looking for some type of explanation for an elimination that defies rationale. Without further ado, here are our top five American Idol Melinda Doolittle conspiracy theories.

Number one, the whole show is fixed. American Idol producers didn’t want Melinda Doolittle to win. She’s too old. She’s not marketable enough. On the other hand, Jordin Sparks can relate to America’s youth, and Blake Lewis can make young girls swoon. Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis fit more of the pop image that American Idol producers want in a winner. A version of this conspiracy theory surfaces after every controversial elimination, and while it’s probably not true, it sure would explain a lot.

Number two, Simon Cowell did Melinda in. After Melinda’s final performance, Simon Cowell said “If I’m going to award a place in the final to the person who has consistently delivered week after week it’s you.” When Ryan Seacrest asked Simon Cowell who he thought would make it into the finale, Cowell replied “I want to see my girl Melinda in the final.” American Idol viewers don’t like to see judges show excessive favoritism to one contestant, and they were so put off by Simon Cowell’s comments that they abstained from voting for Melinda.

Number three, Melinda suffered from the Daughtry effect. One of the most popular conspiracy theories to explain Chris Daughtry’s shocking elimination was that his fans thought he was safe so they didn’t vote enough. Because Melinda received such positive feedback from the judges on the most recent performance show, her fans must have also assumed that she was safe and failed to vote aggressively enough.

Number four, Melinda suffered from the Hudson effect. Fantasia Barrino, La Toya London, and Jennifer Hudson were widely regarded as the three best singers of American Idol 3. However, Fantasia was the only one of the three to make it to the finale. When Jennifer Hudson went home early, many claimed it was a racist vote. Melinda Doolittle being eliminated before the finale is season three all over again.

Number five, Nashville was busy watching the Academy of Country Music Awards. Melinda Doolittle’s hometown is a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee. The American Idol Top Three performance show aired opposite of the Academy of Country Music Awards show, which is very popular among Nashville viewers. Melinda Doolittle was at an unfair disadvantage because viewers from her hometown were distracted by another show.


Melinda Doolittle Exit Interview